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A Day to Remember Tumblr Meet-up at Denny’s

I’m gonna host a Tumblr meet-up the evening of A Day to Remember’s concert at The Wiltern! It’ll be at the Denny’s literally on the same block as The Wiltern.

The date is Wednesday April 17th, the time is 4:00 PM. The address for that Denny’s is 3750 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90010.

We can meet, eat, and generally be cool people before the show.

I have a VIP ticket, so I’ll get early entry which is at 5:30 PM. This leaves plenty of time to chat with all y’all who will come. If you have VIP too, cool, and if you don’t, cool! This isn’t a “VIP ONLY WE’RE SO COOL” thing. This is a “ADTR is super cool and we all like them” thing.